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Welcome we are Timeline Designs

TIMELINE DESIGNS was established by the Principal architect Nimra Qazi in 2011 as an Islamabad-based practice that aims to actualize creative ideas through simple, innovative and constructive design solutions whilst keeping the needs for their client at forefront. Functioning as part their mother company “Timeline Consultants”a project management group in Islamabad, the firm combines outstanding project management skills that ensure superior quality of work for their clients within the given budget while ensuring it deliverables on time.

“ We believe in the power of design to stimulate the human experience.”

As custom-tailored architecture and interior design services, Timeline Designs opts for a delicate balance between the artistic and functional realm, while consciously considering eco friendly designs and sustainable solutions andas an integral part of their implementation process.
As one of the emerging Design Practices in the country, our expertise encompasses a wide range of building typologies for both urban and rural sectors such as:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Hospitality
  • Administrative
  • Entertainment

Some Interesting Facts

    • Registered under the Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP)
    • Registered under the highest category “NO LIMIT” (execution of projects worth PKR 100 million and above)
    • Registered under Pakistan Institute of Interior Designers
    • Licensed under Capital Development Authority (CDA)
    • An active member for Pakistan Green Building Council
    • An active member of the Institute of Architects Pakistan
Proposed Projects

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Our Skills

We are recognized for our practice of:

    • Contemporary ideas
    • Implementation through latest software and technologies
    • Sustainable design and Eco friendly initiatives
    • Cost effective design solutions

Our practice is guided by a design philosophy that emphasizes:

    • Respect for excellence
    • Cooperative client relations
    • Enhancing the human environment

We provide project management through Timeline Consultants

    • Project initiation
    • Project planning
    • Project Execution
    • Project Closure

We understand the value of forging relationships with clients, colleagues and the environment. Our practice takes just as much pride in keeping relationships as we do in establishing them. It is an obligation and a privilege to serve our clients long after work is done.




Interior Design


3D Visualisation


Our Fantastic Team

What We Do

We translate the functional needs, values and aspirations of our clients into spaces that shape transformative environments and are:

    • Comfortable
    • Uplifting
    • Inspire creativity
    • Learning

Coupled with aesthetics, these spaces embody the complete architectural package for our diverse portfolio.


Contextuality, Contextuality, constructional safety, function and energy efficiency characterize any structure that is built by Timeline Designs.

Each stage in the design process is documented with precision and care. Ideas flow with finesse from the moment they are born within the confines of the client’s imagination, to the moment when they are realised by the architect into tangible architectural construct.

The “Time” in Timeline goes beyond mere words as our architecture is brought to you in accord with a determined schedule. This schedule in essence comprises of:

  1. The documentation and its analysis
  2. Creative brainstorming and its planning
  3. The implementation, manifestation to its creation


The aesthetic eye of Timeline Design will go beyond the mere paint on a surface. Deep understanding, rooted in materiality, characteristics and the psychology of color will metamorphose and enliven your interior spaces.

We design spaces to match your needs with regards to flexibility and productivity in alignment to the nature of program.We use the following as benchmarks for the design of every interior:

  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality of spaces
  • Customization in details
  • Innovative concepts
  • When designing for the bigger picture, Timeline Designs seeks to involve the stakeholders from the outset.

    Visions of various interest groups are accounted for, and thereafter amalgamated with the TD design sense, accounting for a holistic integration of all parties involved.

    The needs and requirements of every large scale project pass through careful inspection and assessment to develop a solid implementation strategy that realises those needs and effectuates them through a macro lens.

    Timeline Consultants ( Project management group) is the mother company of Timeline Designs.Dedicated to move forward as one of the leading project management company of Pakistan, Timeline Consultants provide clients with innovative, affordable and practical solutions for their investment objectives, through dedicated team who ensures high quality of work is delivered within the given finances and time.

    With a current team of more than 100 staff members, Timeline has the capability of handling detailed supervision of multi storey- high rise as well as extensive building project and their construction.

    The Timeline Designs studio employs usage of the latest digital softwares, computer engines and tools that conceive our designs. We serve to bridge the gap of understanding between our architects and clients.

    We hold the power to give our client a virtual tour in 3 dimensions, pushing the borders of the mundane architect-client relationship into a fantastic stratosphere.

    Communication is key in any relationship; Timeline Designs promises to take this a step forward by providing a platform to view what is in your mind’s eye. We make any desired changes you require to proceed with the actual building realisation and construction.


    Where to Find us

    Located in the heart of Islamabad, we are easy to reach!

    Don’t hesitate to drop by, give us a call or send us any queries via email.

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